INCORPORA // Illustration, graphic design
InCorpora is a group of professionals from different areas (a coach, an architect, a psychologist, an illustrator, an actor, a cook, a videoartist) mixed and blended
to participate in Non Stop City Madrid 2011, a two-month exhibition at the gallery Arquería Nuevos Ministerios (Madrid). The subject was ephemeral architecture.
Our proposal was, rather than interviene the room with a temporary construction, to present the space as a territory that can be modified or built
by a succession of ephemeral sensitive experiences. Likewise, we suggested a series of short workshops to allow kids and grown-ups to experience
and play with their senses: Tasting, Beauty Sessions, Image Coaching, Reiki and Meditation, Draw and Paint, Ephemeral Scientific Laboratory, Laughter
Therapy and so on. My main project was the ImaginaMatic, the machine to image, with the invaluable help of José Antonio Díaz and Donacio Cejas.

Watercolour Zoo
¿El huevo o la gallina? exhibition
Oihala Basque Country
El Molino Escuela de Artes
Bob Sands Quartet
La Malarazza
Ladinamo Choir
Bilbao's Chamber of Commerce
Sindbad The Sailor
The Fruit Book
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Logo. The five senses and mind incorporated Sign cards to promote and indicate where the workshop is taking place Sign cards of all the workshops Route map of the Incorpora Experience Touch: Beauty workshop ImaginaMatic plan by Donacio Cejas Promo video for the ImaginaMatic: the machine that helps you envision who or what you'd like to be. Click on image to see full video. ImaginaMatic workshop: Ursula ImaginaMatic mermaid Red dragon Xena Kurt Cobain Happy bear